(2014) Alpha Kappa Alpha Prospective Member?

Hello Ladies,

I am currently a Junior at an HBCU.

I've been wanting to become apart of Alpha Kappa Alpha ever since I was a Freshmen in High school, I did my research through out my High school career to better my knowledge and Understanding about this sorority. Speaking with members and also close friends who are apart of the Organization, they provided me with great advice on how to "get noticed" as well as the steps I should take. I looked around my campus day & night hoping to find a flyer with the Informational, (Never did). My Sophomore Year in Fall 2012, I had learned that AKA was getting ready to cross a line, I attended the probate and later found out that one of my friends that I persuade to join AKA was indeed on line! I was (excuse my language) PISSED! Just the following year she was saying how she wanted to be a Zeta now she was coming out as an AKA. I later learned her aunt who worked at our school helped her get on.

Long Story short : The Fall line was later suspended In Spring 2013 for allegations of "Hazing" & "Pre Pledging".. I know right, "Already?" , They have yet to enter back on the yard, I have been working my hardest since then. My GPA is a 2.9 & I have done countless community service projects. I'm graduating in May2015, I'm wondering do I still have a chance of Pledging Or do I need to wait until Graduate school OR should I just Transfer...

Becoming an AKA means a lot to me, and I don't wanna miss this chance!

Please Help, All Advice!

1 Answer

  • I do agree that your "friend" was pretty bogus for not letting you know about the AKA informational that she clearly attended. Especially since I'm sure she knew that you wanted to become a member. But karma is a "bia", you said the chapter is currently suspended anyways so that's not a good look for them.

    I would not encourage you to transfer. You are so close to obtaining your degree which was the ultimate goal of attending college in the first place. If the chapter does not come back on campus before you graduate, then pursue membership through a graduate chapter.

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