2CO (g) + O2 (g) —> 2CO2 (g)?

please, explain the lewis dot structures to determine bond type (single, double, or triple) and average bong energies. also explain the reaction is exothermic?

please, i have my paper turn in tomrrow morning

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  • It's a bit difficult for me to show the lewis dot strustures here, so you can go to the link below... But I can explain some.

    As it takes two electrons to form a bond of any type, single bond is represented with two electrons aligned together; double bonds with four and so on.

    Bond energies depend on the size of the atoms. Usually, the smaller the atom, the stronger the bonds as the nucleus has a stronger pull towards the outer electrons.

    An exothermic reaction is a reaction that expels heat, ie the solution/reactive material increases in temperature after the reaction. If you're looking for the diagrams, the link is below as well.

    Hope that was helpful. Good luck..

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