2nd orthodontist appointment?

What will they do at my at my second orthodontist appointment? Today was my first appointment and I got X-rays, an exam and pictures but not moulds. But they told me what will need to be done, so the next time will they do moulds and put on braces or what? I need top braces, bottom braces, stoppers, and elastics (:

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  • Usually they would do molds on the second appointment, third appointment your spacers are put in, and then fourth appointment your braces are put in. They wouldn't do molds on the same day as putting on the braces.

    Here are more information about braces:

    Getting braces does not hurt. Braces help straighten your teeth and help your teeth into a great smile. When your braces get tightened, your teeth will hurt for a few days or maybe a week or so. I would recommend you to eat soft foods when your teeth hurt. The assistant puts the metal bands on your molars (sometimes the braces you are getting do not include a metal band that is put of your molars) and the assistant would put the glue on your teeth and put the braces on. Then the dentist (normally would be called orthodontist) would come over to check if your braces are positioned right (if not, the dentist (orthodontist) would move the brace to its rightful place on top of your teeth). After that, the dentist (orthodontist) would use a lighter to make the glue stiffen so the braces wouldn't fall off. The assistant then would put the wire onto your braces and use tiny colored rubber bands to put on top of the wire but on the braces. Getting braces is actually the start of a beautiful smile, so it is actually not that bad. Just think, at the end, you have a beautiful smile!

    The next paragraphs tells you about braces more detailed:

    It might hurt when you get spacers on at first. Then you will get used to the spacers. When you get your wisdom teeth out, the doctors will put you to sleep or give you something that would make you not feel the pain. That way, you will not feel the pain of when the wisdom is taken out.

    When you have braces, you cannot have popcorn, gummy bears, gummy worms, gum (you could still chew gum but the gum might get stuck on your braces, which is not good, you would have to go to the orthodontics to get it out, so I would not recommend you to chew gum), sugary drinks (you could drink some), hard foods that would make your braces fall off, (probably) marshmallows, nuts, anything chewy, anything crunchy, and etc. Your orthodontics should give you a list of what you can eat and what you cannot eat.

    After you get your braces on, your teeth would hurt for a few days or for a few weeks. You should eat soft foods like mashed potatoes. The orthodontics should give you a little bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, wax, and etc. Sometimes your braces would hurt your cheeks, so the wax in the bag would be helpful. Take a little bit of wax and put it on the surface of the brace(s) that is/are hurting your cheek. You would have to go to the orthodontics if one of your brace falls off, a wire is poking your cheek, your wire somehow gets out of place, and etc. If you have braces, I would recommend for you to brush you teeth in the mornings and at night (even if you already do). Food gets stuck on your braces and that is not exactly a pretty sight. If you are at school, I would recommend you to bring a little brush that can clean your food off your braces after lunch at school. You would probably also need a hand mirror (small) to look at to get the food off your braces. Make sure your classmates don't see you using the little brush to get the food off your braces. They might make fun of you (or not). You don't have to use this idea. Ask your orthodontics for more ideas on braces.

    Having braces isn't that bad. At least you would get a beautiful smile after the treatment is done.

    Sorry, this is a lot of information to read.

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