3 Week Anniversary or 3 Month Anniversary or What?

Hello. I've been dating this girl for just a week now. Thing is though, I've heard from many different sources that I'm supposed to get her a gift for the 3-Week Anniversary, or is it the 3-Month, or both? Is it just me, or does 3 weeks seem a bit too soon? I'm thinking 3 months would probably be more appropriate, but then again why is it 3 months? What's the significance about that? Any help please?


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  • 3 week anniversary? never heard of such a thing..seems too soon as well

    it's nice to do stuff on your monthly anniversary dates

    but your big 1s are 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc.

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  • There's no set rule, just go with your heart. And remember...women like to celebrate these little anniversaries and moments in between the big ones. You will be her Super Romeo if you remember them, even if it's just with something simple like a card you make yourself.

    Women really love things you make yourself or put a lot of thought into, regardless of the cost. Remember these things and you will do well with the ladies!

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