4 less than three sevenths of y?

what does the of stand for in algebraic expressions

5 Answers

  • IT means that u need to subtract 4 from 3/7 of y i.e

    3/7 of y = 3Y/7

    subtract 4 from it we get

    {(3Y/7)- 4}

    Hence the answer

  • Try doing these style of problems one word at a time.

    4 less means we're subtracting 4 from something

    3/7 of y is just 3/7*y



    is our expression

  • The other answers are correct but they could have more explicitlyy answered your questions:

    The "of" essentially means that you are multiplying the fraction (three sevenths) and the variable (y).

    (3/7)*y - 4

  • 3/7*y - 4

  • 3/7y - 4

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