5 examples of compound sentences?

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  • A. I tried to speak Spanish, and my friend tried to speak English.

    B. Alejandro played football, so Maria went shopping.

    C. James played football, for Maria went shopping.

    D. Max maintained that the database needed restructuring, but Laura disagreed.

    E. Jenny hid the hen, and Benny tried (unsuccessfully) to hide the cow.


  • Examples Of Compound Sentences

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    5 examples of compound sentences?

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    Definition A compound-complex sentence contains two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses. 2 Examples: Because I am an English teacher, some people expect me to speak perfectly, and other people expect me to write perfectly. Some people tell me that my grading is too tough, and others tell me that my assignments are boring.

  • Either this is the right answer.

    5 examples of compound sentence

    – jack fell in the hell

    – the mysterious castle was eating a person

    – no one can get out there

    – she hit my head

    – he left me lonely

  • Timmy loves to play basketball but his dad doesn’t have a basketball.

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