_________ is affected by your brakes, tires, the road surface, and speed?

??? idk

7 Answers

  • a lot of things

    Gas mileage

    ride quality

    stopping distance

    are 3 things that come to mind

  • Now let me put on on my thinking cap, light the tobacco in my pipe and think this through.

    It has something to do with brakes. Dang, now what do I use brakes for, if it was breaks it would have something to do with coffee and donuts- but this is brakes. Some sort of wheeled transportation must be involved because it mentions tires. I had better sip a cup of coffee and eat a donut, be right back after I eat a donut.

    Ok, we have brakes, tires and now a road. This must be some sort of driving test. Oh yes, speed comes into play,

    Now, let me think!

    Now I don't use car brakes to go faster, but I do use them to go slower. Now what is going slower got to do with speed.

    I think all of these things might affect how long it takes to stop. Stopping time, yep, that works. But so does stopping distance.

    I don't know the answer to this, bet it is in a book some place if I could read. But it is either how far a goose can run before it is galloping, or why the rooster came first. But my thick head can't get "Stopping distance" out of its head.

  • Jay L has it nailed. Any of those three are good answers.

    It's almost certain that the EXPECTED answer is "Stopping distance", but Jay's response shows that whoever created the test is doing so pretty mindlessly. They just took a sentence from the materials, deleted a key phrase, and didn't even think about whether that left an ambiguous result.

    As Old Man Dirt also proves at much greater length.

  • oh my! I don't know either without multiple choices A, B, C, D........I did find Old Man Dirt's response quite entertaining though

    Hmmmm...........Answer could be Stopping Distance, or Hydroplaning, or Control, or or or or.....thought provoking though I think

  • B. Friction....there is friction out of your brakes....tire grip...not easy highway floor.....these all consequence your velocity.....even your velocity (over 60 mph) developes a wind friction which reasons you to be conscious extra strength to head ahead.

  • stopping distance

  • Your life span.

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