A bullet can travel at a speed of over 1000m/s.?

A bullet can travel at a speed of over 1000m/s. When a bullet is fired from a rifle, the actual firing makes a distinct sound, but people at a distance may hear a second, different sound that is even louder. Explain the source of the sound.

Im a little confused why... Would it be because of the echo??


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  • When something travels at that speed it compresses the air in front of it forming a shock wave that travels at the speed of sound. This high pressure front causes the loud ƈɾąƈƙ that you hear. The bullet is traveling slightly less than three times faster than that.

    If a bullet is coming towards you faster than the speed of sound and you hear it, relax it missed.

  • The bang of the gun going off travels at about 330 m/s.

    After 3 seconds someone 1000m away hears the bang but at the same moment the bullet is rushing past breaking the sound barrier and emitting its own sound.

    Further away the bullet sound arrives before the bang.

    There could be a third sound as the bullet impacts with the skull!

  • No, it's because the bullet breaks the sound barrier, that is, it is travelling faster than the speed of sound.

    speed of sound at sea level = 340.29 m / s

  • i think it is because the sound has not travel to the person at the different location.

    it also takes time for sound to travel.

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