A child is shown two identical tall containers, half filled with water. the contents of one container is ?

Poured into a short, wide container. if the child states that both containers still have the same amount, that phenominom would be called ?

A clasification

B. conservation

C. centration

D. transformation

8 Answers

  • This is why you NEVER, EVER rely on internet users to do your homework for you.

    It is "B," conservation.

  • If both containers are still holding the same amount of liquid, regardless of shape or size, the answer would probably be: D- Transformation

  • I have to disagree with those who said "D".

    Conservation in defined as the ability "to logically determine that a certain quantity will remain the same despite adjustment of the container, shape, or apparent size."

    Therefore, I would say "B".

  • The answer is B. It comes from Piaget's well-known beaker test that determines whether a child can think operationally, in that they they can mentally reverse actions and show conservation.

  • Its B conservation the child has adapted conservation in realizing they are still the same amt.

  • d

  • d

  • d

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