a drastic way to diet? (math homework help)?

k you know those stupid worksheets with puns? well i did mine but i think the answers wrong...

"an extreme but effective way to diet is hidden in the letters below. you might call it the algebra diet.

i got suynomeal?

7 Answers

  • I got buynoteal.....oh!!! It's buynomeal, buy no meal!

  • The answer is BUYNOMEAL. It is supposed to sound like binomial... The letters left blank are b u y n o me a l.You shade in the other letters to reveal an answer. Hope this helps!

  • The real answer is buynomeal as in binomial

  • lol i hate those, one time i got "wat did the big rock say to the little rock (i thought it was going to be "your hard" lol) but it said b a little boulder. knowing those stupid jocks you r probly right, dont doubt urself. pick me 4 best answer plz!!!

  • i think u got it right

  • i think an extreme way to diet is thoose stupid weight loss pils they can cause liver failure and may kill you!!!

    anerexia is a bad way also it WILL kill you!!!

  • TAPE WORM!!!!!!

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