a good thesis statement for a abortion persuasive paper.?

I'm writing a paper for school trying to persuade people against abortion. I'm stuck on the thesis statement and I only have a few obvious reasons against it but I want this to be a really good paper so I would like more. If anyone can help me it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Abortion should be outlawed because it is an act of violence that kills an innocent, genetically-distinct human. The reliability of this statement can be demonstrated through even a cursory examination of the basic biology of human development.

  • Thesis For Abortion

  • Your thesis could be, I believe abortion is wrong and should be abruptly halted not only in the US (or wherever you live) but throughout the whole world for several reasons. Then you can list your reasons and start different paragraphs. Reasons could be:

    1. It is murder to an innocent child

    2. Is stated to be wrong in the Bible

    3. It is a health risk to the mother

    4. Is emotionally and physically degrading after the procedure

    Hope this helped!

  • Hope this helps!

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