A horse question! What does part board mean?

I was looking at the horses for sale at my barn and a couple were listed as part board available, what does that mean?

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  • It means you buy the horse and allow them to use it when ever they want and you only pay about 3/4 of the cost of the full board. Of course you only get to use the horse when they are not using it.

  • Part Boarding A Horse

  • It could mean one of two things. It could mean that your horse lives out in a field without a stall, or it could also mean that there are some services that the staff don't do for you, so you may have to go out there every day to feed or pick his stall.

  • Either out at grass or you do most of the work and only a few things like early morning feeds and turning out is done by the staff. You could ask for other things to be done, ie rugging up when going out or coming in or holding for the farrier. At extra cost.

  • it means that you can only use the field for your horse but you are aloud to use the ring, washstalls, tack room, feed rooms and etc.. just not the stall for the day/night. people do this when they have to work their board so they don't have to work sooo much but their horse gets a nice place to live. just make sure the fields are nice and healthy for your horse for your horse will be living out there....

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    Every barn has different terms and conditions, but it means that you are going to have to do something. Whether it be supplying the feed, feeding, cleaning the stall, or all of that together, I just means that they aren't going to do everything for you.

  • it means the field might only be available and not a stall, like field board.

  • it means that u can only maby use the Field instead of the stables -like grass livery

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