a peony plant… (genetic problem)?

A peony plant with straight stamens and red petals was crossed with another plant having straight stamens and streaky petals. the seeds were collected and germinated, and the following offspring were obtained:

62 straight stamens, red petals

59 straight stamens, streaky petals

18 curved stamens, red petals

22 curved stamens, streaky petals.

A) which allele in each pair is dominant

B.) what were the genotypes of the parental plants

C.) what further crosses would you make in order to get a definite answer for part a?

1 Answer

  • A) straight stamens and red petals are dominant (you should have numbers closer to the 9:3:3:1 ratio where 9/16 would possess both dominant traits but the petal color shows incomplete dominance where the streaky is both red and white).

    B) If you use S for straight stamens and s for curved ones, and R for red petals Rr for streaky petals and rr for white petals, then the parents would have been: SsRR x SsRr

    C) Cross two plants that are curved ss and streaky Rr ( ssRr x ssRr ) and the results should show approximately 25% of the plants will have white petals and all of them will have curved stamens.

    Source(s): Biology teacher

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