A.W. Surveys.com…I did not get paid after the five days…HELP?


I Got to $200 on awsurveys.com and i cashed out my 200 hundred on Sunday May 30th 2010

And now its 4th of June which is Friday which is 5 days now and i still haven't received my money on PayPal as yet????

6 Answers

  • And next week, you will still be waiting and asking this question.

    Don't hold your breath that you will receive this $200.

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  • You're learning about survey websites. They don't do what they say they'll do.

    You did read the FAQ where it says they charge $25 to make a deposit to you through paypal? But don't spend the other $175 until you see it. If you really get paid, it'll be a surprise.

  • OK, assuming that this company is legitimate (which 99.99 percent of online surveys are NOT), then they probably meant they'd pay you within five BUSINESS days. Monday was a holiday. That means today is only the fourth business day. This coming Monday would be the fifth business day.

    (I'm going to guess you won't get your money then, either.)

  • A.w.surveys.com

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