Absolute min and max calculator

Find (without using a calculator) the absolute extreme values of the function on the given interval. f(x) = x3 - 9x2 + 15x +


At first we find out all possible critical points of the given
function on the given interval. Then we find out absolute maximum
and absolute minimum of the given function on the given interval by
using critical points and end points of the given interval.
so the (un) annat Given function f(n) = 23-941154+4 on [1, 2] film) o (m3-91+ 150+4) arom (ny) - pasta () + 15 (Wtest (4) =when not (Left end point) . Then ty)=(-1)3-9(-1)+15(-1)+4 2-1-9 -15 +4 3-21 ty) =-2) When k = 1 (Critical point ) Then fci) =[0,8] For critical point we get f(x)=0 tan (6-4) 20 auzo or 6-12 an26 The critical points are x20 and 126 on when xoo (heft

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