Acrylic Toenails?

A few years ago I had to have large portions of my big toenail removed due to ingrown toenail. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t grow back. I am now stuck with disgusting tiny nails. I cannot wear sandals with feet like that. Can I get an acrylic nail put on just the big toes at a salon? Will they look really fake?

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  • I think if you make sure that when you get it done to do just clear and white tips because pink and white will look fake. They do have a light pinkish polish at the nail salons though that may not look bad on the toes. Definetly keep it short because the last thing you want is a toe nail flying off on the beach! DOH!

  • Acrylic Toenails

  • Of course you can get acrylic on your toes!! No it does not look fake, I have decent toe nails and I still go and get acrylic on all of my toes because I love the way it looks and it lasts a really long time. I get a pink and white acrylic overlay, and tips on my two big toes 🙂

  • I’ve seen women who get a acrylic toe nail before. It’s not unusual and will probably look nicer than how it looks now. Make sure you ask the nail salon if it will affect your nail bed since your nail is so small now. If they say no, go for it!

  • Yes it is possible to put acrylic on your toe, as long as you have them cut it to a nice length and put some nail polish on it, it will not look fake.

  • Yes, you can get them and no they won’t look fake as long as you don’t do them too long. My sister’s toe nails are thin so they break easily, so she got the acrylic toe nails and they look real.

  • i bought some from a pound shop the other day, ready to wear flipflops to a bbq.

    they were amazing looked really good, stayed all all night and people kept asking me where i had my toes does.

    they just look pedicured.

    bargain for 1 pound !

    they have some in boots and superdrug too.

  • yes you can get acrylic tips put on, just make sure they aren’t all long and nasty looking. keep it looking natural and you’ll be fine

  • if its only on your big toe, it wont look fake. If you get it on all your toes.. It looks hella fake.

  • Yes and it will look really good

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