is it legit?

Is that a Legit site or are they fake

3 Answers

  • Pay day loans never turn out well. Never, ever, never, ever.

    at no time, forget it, nevermore, no way, not at all, not ever, not in any way, not in the least, not on your life, not under any condition

  • Hopefully you have better times on the horizon and are confident you will be able to pay the principal and loan shark interest.

    I didn't see complaints about, they have tons of ad and paid endorsement articles around the internet. Although it's hard to find on their site, some of the reviews clarify that this is not a lender, ther are just middlemen marketers like 1-800 Dentist. I believe they will just pass your inf on to the payday loan services they work with in your area, you might find more options in the phone book and avoid giving your personal information to a 3rd party.


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