Advantages and Disadvantages of coal seam Gas?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of coal seam gas over fossil fuels- one social issue, one environmental issue, one financial issue for each. thanks

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  • Why use CSG? Advantages!

    Methane gas is a useful energy source that can be used close to its extraction point or can be piped to homes and industry.

    It can also be piped to a liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) where it can be processed into LNG for export worldwide.

    It produces 50% lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to black coal and 70% less than brown coal.

    What are the issues around CSG? Disadvantages

    Water extracted in the process requires careful procedures and controls to minimise environmental risk.

    Land where gas deposits are located can have multiple land uses. The use of this land needs to be managed following input from all stakeholders.

    Greenhouse gases are produced as a result of CSG extraction.

    You should be able to tell the Difference between The one social issue, the one environmental issue, and the one financial issue. Sounds a bit like a science assignment to me!! Is it?

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