Alcohol and the Abortion Pill?

Before reading this, I do not need anyone’s judgments or criticism…even though I know some idiot will feel like this is a platform to rant about their beliefs. I am a grown woman and am free to make my own decisions. Thanks.

Question: I recently have a medical abortion. I took the pill to abort on Tuesday and the vaginal misoprotal’s yesterday. Will having a glass of wine affect how the medicine works? Right now I feel perfectly fine, no nausea, cramping, or anything. Feedback anyone?

Thanks so much.

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  • A glass of wine would not change the effectiveness, however the alcohol could increase side effects. I would personally abstain from alcohol until the abortion is complete, but, honestly, a glass of wine won’t be a problem. Don’t have any more alcohol than that though, because you could then experience complications.

    Best of luck

  • Drinking Alcohol After Abortion

  • you go girl, i personally dont believe in abortion, I couldnt do it but fair play to you, its your body, your life, you do what you want.

    It is important not to smoke, drink alcohol or use herbal supplements or illegal drugs for at least 48 hours after the procedure. Women should avoid sex for about two weeks to reduce the risk of infection. Follow-up appointments with the doctor or clinic should be kept. The doctor may give the woman blood tests or other tests (such as ultrasound) to make sure that all products of conception have been passed.…/Abortion_pill_RU486_(mifepristone

    There is absolutely no problem with drinking alcohol after taking the abortion pill. It is safe any time. The only time I would not advise it is the night you take the misoprostol because you might have nausea or vomiting – but other than that, there is no problem.

    I hope this is helpful,

    Doctor Joan

    as you can see there are different opinions on the subject, i suppose that if you feel good and its one glass why not?

    Good Luck and i hope you feel better soon.

  • Your right hun, this was your decision and yours alone. I have been there done that (3 times). One was a medical abortion and having a glass of wine will not effect the outcome. Dont take to heart what other ppl say. Until they have been in your shoes, they do not have the right to judge.

  • You want to wait at least 5 fays before you drink alcohol, just to make sure and if not 5 days then 2 or 3

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