Algebra problem really hard please help?

Jeremy wants to Buy A new Computer. The Saleswoman Says he can make a down payment and then pay for the computer in installments

Heres a formula that describes this scenario

x = t - yz


x = amount down

y = money each month

z = number of months

t = total price

rewrite the formula to solve for the total price of the computer

7 Answers

  • x = t - yz

    x + yz = t by adding yz to each side

    t = x + yz by the symmetric property of equality

  • im guessing when you have a problem like this you plug in fake number then solve and at the end turn it all back to the letters that represent it again.

    say he paid 20 bucks down payment on computer

    the total price of the computer was 300 bucks

    he would pay 20 bucks a month

    and he would need 14 months to pay it off

    now the equation looks like 20 = 300 - (20)(14)

    okay now your going to just add (20)(14) to the left side of the equation since it is being subtracted on the right side to leave the total price of 300 by itself on the right side so now the equation looks like

    20+(20)(14) = 300 ... no just convert it back the the letters that they represented in the beginning

    x + yz = t

  • you need to isolate "t"/set the equation equal to "t"

    "t" is on the same side as "yz"

    the "-" symbol in front of "yz" shows you that "yz" is negative. to get rid of it, add a positive "yz."

    should look like this:

    x = t - yz


    everything you do to one side of the equation has to be done to the other, so add a positive "yz" to x.

    looks like:

    x + yz = t

    there you go.

  • x= 20 y=50 z=5 t=330 50x5=350 THE TOTAL PRICE IS 330$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Man do some work yourself. This is the easiest one

  • x = t - yz


  • t=yz+x

    I'm pretty that's right.(:

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