All of the following are ways to write 25 percent of N EXCEPT A, Why is A wrong? I thought D was wrong.?

A. 0.25 N

B. 25N/100

C. 1/4 N

D. 25 N

7 Answers

  • you are correct. .25 x N is indeed 25 percent of N and obviously, 25 x N is not. So the question is if the notation you are using, a space between the number and the letter N, is the problem. But if it were, then only B would be correctly written.

    Double check your original and see if you have the spacing correct

  • B is correct

    since 25% =25/100 then 25% of N would be = to 25N/100

  • D is the choice that is wrong. A is correct.

  • You are correct! Good job!

  • A. is correct & D. is wrong.

  • You right. D is definitely wrong !!!!

  • D is wrong.

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