“America, Bless God” bumper sticker. what does it mean?

i'm used to seeing "God bless America" but this one is new to me..

is it a joke ? like the darwin fish or what???

9 Answers

  • It means God created America, so you should thank him.

    No comment on my thoughts about that, but that's what it means.

  • America Bless God

  • Hey America bless God is scripture psalm 103:3 See God has blessed America what have we done? spit in his face by killing His children... Man with Man and so much more. Bow your knee and give Him the praise! He has given us the greatest nation in the world and look what we have done.

  • It's telling people to pray and thank God for everything we have here. Tough times or not, I'd rather be here.

  • any good snarky comment will be absorbed by concrete thought.

  • anything that has to do with god is a joke....

  • same thing as tedi

  • It means give thanks and praise to God for our nation's greatness

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