American Eagle jeans smell weird?

I bought a pair of Jeggings from American Eagle and they smell waay weird! Kind of like moth balls but a little different. Anyway, I washed them and they STILL smelled, plus, they made all my other clothes that I washed smell too. We re-washed them and it still smells, not as bad, but its still there. I sprayed perfume on them but it didn't last. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix the smell?

2 Answers

  • It's the dye.

    Source(s): I work there.
  • i only wear american eagle jeans and i havent had a problem with the smell but they bleed a lot of color. i would say wash them a lot right in a row but try taking them back to american eagle and complain. they'll be able to smell it.

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