An aluminum sphere is 8.35 cm in diameter.?

An aluminum sphere is 8.35 cm in diameter. What will be its change in volume if it is heated from 30 degrees celsius to 200 degrees celsius?

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  • Change in volume = (Coefficient of volume expansion) x (Original volume) x (Change in temperature)

    Original volume = 4/3(pi)(r)^3 where r= 4.175cm, and this would make V= 304.8 cm^3.

    For aluminum, the coefficient of volume expansion is 75x10^-6 /degC. (This is three times the coefficent of linear expansion).

    The change in temperature is 200-30 = 170 degC.

    Plugging it in,

    Change in volume = (75x10^-6 /degC) x (304.8 cm^3) x (170 degC)

    Change in volume = 3.887 cm^3.

    Hope this helps, and I hope all my math is right. 🙂

    Source(s): Giancoli's book, "Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics 4th ed."
    Chapter 17.4, on pages 460-461.
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