annabel lee by edgar allen poe. questions?

who is the assumed speaker?

what is the setting?

what is the format?

a. stanza

b. lines per stanza

c. rhyme scheme

what lines inform you of annabel's death?

according to the speaker, why did annabel die? what are the lines that support this answer?

what line addresses the young age of the two loves?

what does "coveted" (synonym from poem) mean, and who portayed this action?

what is a synonym for the word angel?

in the 4th stanza, what sound device is "chilling and killing" and example of?

what is a synonym for tomb or crypt? use a word from the poem.

the speaker stated that his and Annabel;s love is stronger than what two groups of people? write the number of the two lines that support this statement or write the lines.

what is a synonym for separate?

line 34 is an example of what sound device?

where are the angels located? the demons?

where does the speaker spend most of this time after the death of Annabel?

the speaker seems to have difficulty forgetting his love, what lines support his inference? write the number of the lines

what names does the speaker refer to Annabel as?

how did the speaker describe Annabel lee?

which line does not make “sense” when dealing with the senses?

lines 30-33 have a regular beat (same amount of stresses and unstresses syllables) what does this refer to?

6 Answers

  • Katie you are only cheating yourself by not reading this book. I've read it, and I could easily give you the answers, but that's not the point.

    Edgar Allen Poe was one of the most gifted writers in the world. His books have been tranlated into 200 languages.

    READ THE BOOK and do your own homework. This forum is for checking accuracy, critiquing what you've already written, not for doing the work for you.

    This is just sad. From a literary standpoint, it's really sad.

  • Annabel Lee Questions

  • This poem is really not the hardest to interpret. I'll give you a few answers, but not all, because this isn't my homework. I recommend you read it on your own, it really is a tenderly beautiful, very sad poem. As someone else mentioned, Edgar Allen Poe was a wonderful, genius writer. His work deserves the attention it gets, which is why you are taught it in school.

    1. The assumed speaker is obviously the former love of the young Annabel Lee.

    2. The setting is probably still a seaside city

    3. According to the speaker, Annabel Lee dies of a cold wind, which probably gave her pneumonia.

  • When did your teacher ask these questions?

    Why did you think we wouldn't get that that's where it came from when you asked the same questions word for word?

    Why can't you go read it for yourself?

    Here's the poem:

    a word of warning: there are popups.

    also, i just looked at one of your other questions. you have been doing all of your own homework, have you? b/c this evidence sure doesn't support that statement.

  • I guess you decided to post this on here, so somebody else can do your homework. That's pitiful.

  • "Quoth the raven, nevermore." "The Raven" would probably be his most famous poem. Other honorable mentions include "The Tell-tale Heart", "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Pit and the Pendulum". I personally like "The Cask of Amontillado", great prank to play on your friends 😀

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