Hey there, im planning on sitting UMAT this year but I dont want to pay several hundred dollars for a course! ACER says that the test you cant prepare for.. is there any free UMAT materials, umat prep out there????


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  • YES!! I have found an AWESOME website with FREE UMAT MATERIAL!!! UMAT PREPARATION or whatevr you want to call it!! 🙂 its called UMATSUCCESS. website:

    check it out! free umat questions, free umat answers, free umat course.. overall.. the person running it is pretty decent. he goes by the alias XLOL.

  • Umat Preparation Material

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    There are many sites claiming to offer free UMAT sample questions or practice questions but they are all not really free. They are: 1. not relevant to UMAT (not UMAT type questions) or 2. they are just trying to lure you into getting your email so that they can send you marketing materials (spam) or 3. they will ask for a 'fee' for materials which are worse than useless. For quality UMAT preparation materials, go to ACER's website or MedEntry website.

  • Hey! I found this.


    This one is cool enough. It also shows the analysis of your attempt.

  • Yes! that's true. There are lots of test prep companies out there, but all are same. Still you can try em all. say medentry( But they give only pdfs and webpages), or genietests (This one's a bit interactive, it provides timed quizzes and also shows your performance report, good stuff 😉 )

  • Hi there also provides free umat practice tests.

    Good luck


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