Any other songs like “The middle” by Jimmy Eat world?

Upbeat, inspirational, about life not love. This is for a program called Operation Snowball. Its a weekend retreat that is based around a song so im looking for the perfect message! Ones in the past hav been...

Streetcorner Symphony

You get what you give



Life is a Highway

My Wish

True Colors

I Believe

One Step at a Time

Let my love open the door

Please no religious songs! They must be VERY upbeat!


4 Answers

  • liar - taking back sunday

    baby, you wouldnt last a minute - Chiodos

    wake up - story of the year

    curse of curves - cute is what we aim for

    from yesterday - 30 seconds to mars

    my own woest enemy - lit

    all over you - the spill canvas

  • Johnny Eat World

  • Take me out by Franz Ferdinand

    Float on by Modest Mouse

    Handlebars by Flobots

  • if you go to, you can type in The Middle and it will give you a bunch of similar songs

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