any songs similar to leona lewis – bleeding love?

I really like songs like those thats upbeat and positive.

3 Answers

  • Is Bleeding love a positive song - I though it was all about heartbreak lol ! If you like that song, you'll probably like Take a bow by Leona (it's track 6 on the album) and has definate single potential. It's written by Ryan Tedder (who wrote bleeding love) and has a timbaland kinda funky vibe about it - deffo one of the best on the album.

  • you should listen to kate voegele or sara bareillis those are both feminine upbeat artists. I really like only fooling myself by kate voegele.

  • confident confident confident i did now no longer ideas the track interior the start (do in assessment to her plenty yet substitute into satisfied to admit the track substitute into ok). regardless of the fact that, this track has been over-performed plenty that i'm bored to death with it now.

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