Anybody has experience with the NuvoH2O no salt softener?

We have very hard water here in Texas and we learned that a salt softener will ruin our septic tank. We found a lot of advertising about this NuvoH2O that would cost about $700 or only like 30 dollars a month to buy.

I’d be grateful for some feedback before we make the investment.

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  • I have Mixed Reviews to report: The NuvoH2O is a good product and it is helping many people. That's what I found out from some reviews before I bought it on Amazon for $699 and paid a plumber $177 to install it. But after a couple of months we didn't like the quality of the water and still had scale, so then (after the fact!) I started looking for reviews, and I found these 3rd party experiences. You draw your own conclusions.

    "...I'd really like to save other people from making the same $600 mistake that I did

    when I purchased a NuvoH2O unit...Unfortunately, the product they're selling

    simply doesn't work."

    "...We were told that it is easy to install--it is not. We ended up paying $180 to a

    plumber to install the thing...The dishes (which had hard water damage prior to

    moving) did not improve at all...Our skin was still just as dry...If I tried to make iced

    tea, the tea seemed to adhere to "floaties" that were in the water...We ended up

    using a brita filter so we could have good drinking water...Needless to say, we

    were incredibly disappointed and yes, angry. " (see pdf. source link below)

    As I continued my research I found that the Los Angeles County Sanitation Department website also has this product listed among the best alternatives: ScaleWatcher no-salt conditioner and they even post a review (see lacsd link under sources)

    So... after we got our money back from the Nuvo, I bought a ScaleWatcher from Aqua Genesis USA, I wrapped the cable around my pipe, (no plumber needed!) I plugged it on the wall and surprise! it worked. All the scale is gone and hasn't come back. It uses only about one dollar a month of electricity. No expensive cartridge to change, no resin to replace, no maintenance at all. I paid $499 for the 3 star model including a ten year warranty and I honestly think it's the best way to deal with hard water issues. The Nuvo might have been ok but... who wants to have the hassle of shutting down the water and replacing an 89 dollar cartridge every four months for the rest of your life?

  • This Site Might Help You.


    Anybody has experience with the NuvoH2O no salt softener?

    We have very hard water here in Texas and we learned that a salt softener will ruin our septic tank. We found a lot of advertising about this NuvoH2O that would cost about $700 or only like 30 dollars a month to buy.

    I’d be grateful for some feedback before we make the investment.

  • I just purchased a Nuvo system and it has been 100 days but I didn't have to wait that long to see the changes in my water faucets and my shower heads which is were I was experiencing a lot of build up. I had never thought about a getting a water softener before until I had another plumbing problem and he suggested a water softener because of the issues i mentioned above. I was pleasantly surprised that in just two weeks I started noticing a difference in my faucets and shower heads, I also started seeing a difference in my dishwasher and surprisingly so I did notice a difference in my skin. I have read all of the reviews and I find it hard to believe that everyone had such bad experiences with the same product that I had such great results with. It makes me wonder if people just make rude and false comments for alternative reason. Never the less I am giving a 10 to nuvo and am recommending it to all of my friends.


  • Unfortunately, this product does not work. We really liked the idea and wanted it to work. Like Linda above, we waited a little over 90 days and we could not return it. The plumber/installer, who was recommended on the NuvoH2O website, insisted if we gave it time we would see results. We did and it never performed. I would like to warn anyone who is desiring to try this product to make sure you are happy in 60 days. Our water got worse and we had a black build up inside the filter and in our toilets. The company was unreasonable and could not offer any explanation. They would not send any kind of representative out even though the plumber said there were such people in the area. After talking to several local water softening companies they all said that the technology was bogus. That there is no reason it should work and that people are fooling themselves when they say they like it or they think it is working. It appeals to those who do not like to carry heavy bags of salt (me). We do have very hard water, but as I said earlier it did nothing and in fact, seemed to make our water worse. So if you live somewhere where the water is not terribly hard you might talk yourself into thinking this is working. Buyer beware. After our treatment by NuvoH2O... I would recommend staying as far from them as you can. Read JuanSkeptic above (I wish I had) and see that no salt-free system can produce softened water.Every water professional we contacted (after our bad experience) told us the same thing. Nothing is chelated here.


  • Pricey, but a decent solution for hard water:

    NuvoH2O systems receive mixed reviews. Experts in water technology find the claims of getting softer water from a salt-free system impossible to meet, as they claim the only way to soften water is to use sodium. A salt-free system like nuvoH2O produces conditioned, not softened, water. Customers who have nuvoH2O in their homes are mostly satisfied, saying that they see a reduction in hard water spots and that their water both feels and tastes better. A small percentage say they see no improvement in their water with nuvoH2O, and some customers from both sides find the installation process to be trickier than promised.

    Most customers who review nuvoH2O on are happy with the results of the system, though a few don't see any improvement. A water treatment expert on (a site that sells water treatment and filter systems) debunks the claim that any salt-free system is able to produce softened water, explaining that the only way to get truly softened water is to use sodium.

  • Our water is super hard and we don’t like to use salt. We searched and found many no-salt options . We learned that NuvoH2O works pretty well, but you need to replace a ninety dollar filter every six months, if you forget, the scale comes back. But then we found other systems on TV, like EasyWater and Scalewatcher which require no maintenance, both had pretty good reviews and we went with the ScaleWatcher 4 star from Aqua Genesis because it was a better value and they include ten year warranty. To our amazement within a few days the scale started to get softer and in a couple of weeks showerheads and faucets were scale free, countertops are easy to clean and best of all my hair feels much softer.

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  • We purchased this filter,but didn't get it installed until 3 weeks later. There is not a noticeable difference in our water quality since installation. I chatted online with the company and their 90 day "moneyback" was not available since it had been 98 days since the purchase. If this was a reputable product sold by an honest company you should be able to return within 90 days of use, not purchase. I've paid over $1000 to achieve virtually no benefit from this product and evidently have no recourse against this company except to publish this review.So here it is - Nuvoh2o is a ripoff - don't waste your money!

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    There is very little effect on modern plumbing systems by either sodium chloride (salt) or potassium chloride, though exposed steel is somewhat more susceptible to sodium. If the dissolved solids in the water were very high before installing the conditioner, sodium can cause an adverse reaction to the anode rod in older water heaters, causing an intermittent black residue. Other than that, they both will exchange ions on the resin bed of your system. There are benefits to using potassium chloride. It is more environmentally friendly. It provides a fuller soap lather and cleaner, brighter, fluffier laundry.. The backwash can be captured and used to water lawns and gardens. because potassium is a nutrient.. The biggest difference is the fact that residual amounts of either one you choose will be left in the water after the exchange process. There have been studies that show we could use more potassium in our diets, helping to lower the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. The amount of salt left should not be a problem unless you have other risk factors but, simply put, potassium is healthier The benefits of sodium chloride are less maintenance to the brine tank, and the tank will stay cleaner Some skin sensitivities and (minor) skin problems can be alleviated by the excess sodium. (Some major ones can be alleviated just from bathing in conditioned water) The system will remove small amounts of iron no matter which product you choose, but there are additives in some higher priced salts that will prevent iron build up on the resin. Higher amounts of iron require a prefilter. Cubes are preferred over crystals and pellets because there is less chance of bridging (crystals) and mushing (pellets). Mush can ruin the valves on some systems, and works less effectively during the ion exchange process The one you choose is simply a matter of personal preference and cost benefit. **************EDIT*********** For those below who think it is a misconception that salt is left in your system after the ion exchange process, get a salinity tester. There is enough left in some perfecly functioning systems to meet the daily value of sodium after drinking 2 8oz glasses of water. Since the residual sodium binds with disolved solid particles less than 5 microns, it is almost tasteless. We did maintenance on a unit for a dentist who said his unit retained enough residual sodium to lessen some gum diseases. Some systems even use a small after filter purely for sodium. The plumbing that may be damaged or have a shorter life span (allbeit after very long exposure) include the stops for the supplies to fixtures, steel seats in faucets, solenoid valves in your appliances and exposed metal in your wahing machine, among others. The only system that will remove 99.9 of the processed salt is an expensive United Standard Hydroquad. We installed a larger version of these high priced systems in touchless car washes to keep salt from damaging car finishes. I installed and maintained conditioning systems for over 15 years, including Rainsoft, Sears, United Standard.and others. By all means, read the instructions and do the reasearch to find what will best suit your needs. Both sodium and potassium will work. Only you can decide which is best to suit your needs and budget.

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