Anybody know the film location of Goodnight Mr Tom staring John Thaw 1998?

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  • The village houses and the lanes where the bike rides were shot, were in Turville, Bucks.

    Some scenes like the train station though were filmed elsewhere. ‘Tom’s cottage’ is located immediately opposite The Bull and Butcher pub which is at the heart of the village. You also see this pub in the opening sequences of Vicar of Dibley. ‘Geraldine’s vicarage’ is the cottage by the gate leading to the church just 30 yards from the Bull & Butcher.

    By the way, the pub is full of character and has a pretty landlady called Lydia. They serve excellent food.

    If you do visit Turvile you’ll also spot a windmill on top of the hill above the village – it features in one of the flying scenes in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

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    Anybody know the film location of Goodnight Mr Tom staring John Thaw 1998?

  • Goodnight Mr Tom Film

  • Goodnight Mister Tom 1998

  • i think it said something like fimled entirelly on location in the English countryside

    sorry that i cant be more help however search the online internet movie database and you may come up with the results

  • Turville, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

    please take time to look on the imdb website. simply put in a film name or actor and use the sections down the left hand side. a great website full of interesting info

    ps good drama

  • Great question, great show , I love it ! John Thaw …great wasn’t he? J2Wizza has beaten me to the answer, very good one too, nice 1 J2.

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