Anyone know a good way to transport bread that is still warm/hot?

I bake quite a bit of bread and I would love to deliver it while still warm to the people I made it for. But if I wrap it up it will get soggy. Any suggestions??

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  • I suggest getting some paper bread bags. As long as there is room to allow the steam to escape, it won't get soggy.

  • If you have any linen cloths, it would be best to wrap the loves with it and then in news paper. Linens won't leave any lint on the bread, and the news paper will keep them warm, but use several layers of the news print. DO NOT PUT THE NEWS PAPER NEXT TO THE BREAD. The ink will come of paper and transport to the bread.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): A baker and cook for 55 years.
  • I wrap mine in a hot towel that I only use for bread....the towel needs to be really hot

  • Wrap it in a kitchen towel. If you don't have an extra one to give away, unwrap the bread with a flourish and leave it on the lucky recipients kitchen counter.

  • I don't believe anyone here believes your "soggy"' story

    But if you want some Wild ideas

    here is mine

    go to the thrift stores and find several,, down vests buy a cake box for the loaves now re-sew the vests to hold the boxes

    JUST like you see a shoe holder,, a pocket for each loaf..

    you want an idea for the car>>??

  • Supermarkets today, well where I live, sell insulated shopping bags so you can transport either hot or cold items, check for one of those.

  • wrap it in reynolds wrap till you take it to the people and then have them put in different container. you can buy rubbermaid containers with lids on them exclusively for transporting baked goods.

  • wrap in paper towels, then a paper bag or

    put in a basket with cloth towels around it.

  • wrap it , wont get soggy.


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