Anyone use as their email address?

What a bunch of idiots they are. Twice they suspended me and for no reason. The first time, I asked them why and after 3 days, I was on again and this second time, I am still suspended. I was told by others that no one should ever use such a fly-by-night email server or whatever they are.

There is a considerable mount of advertisement on that email site and I was told by yet another one that if I did not buy something in a certain period of time, they would suspend me and that is probably what happened. The problem is that I HAVE to now go to places that were using that to send mail and explain to not use it anymore as it is a FARCE email place. I should have listened long ago but did not.

I use this email every day and sometimes 3-4 times a day.

Hasn't anyone used it?

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  • I have before but what a crock. It is worthless. I do not know why anyone would stoop so low as to use an email address as that.. Man... are you out of your mind? Get an address with something civil like, etc and stay away from those fly by night things like

  • I was one of there first users when it was owned by Big Daddy, they just pulled the plug on me for no reason. The funny thing is in my yahoo profile, I have security questions and answers for the passwords but I can't find out where they are stored or saved on Yahoo?


  • I don't use it for emailing. Why don't you use something more prominent like Yahoo, Lycos or Excite. GMX is cool. Google Mail is must.

  • I dont get it. Why is it so bad. Im not going to it cuz i don ttrust it now. But i typed it into google and it wasnt bad that came up.

  • This service requires you login at least once every 45 days. If you do not, they will deactivate you.

  • yes

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