Are dominican guys players and do they treat women badly?

ive heard this but dont believe you can put them all in the same category

im 16 and african american...........

3 Answers

  • being dominican I wouldn't say that all of them are players or treat women badly. It depends on how they are raised and how they are influenced. Especially talking about men from 18 to 30. Since there is so much machismo in the Dominican Republic, a lot of the Dominican-Americans that live in the U.S. or even still in the D.R. are raised with that mentality.

    As it's passed on to them from their parents, a lot of them still don't fully assimilate into American culture and find that they are able to use these ideas here.

    In other words... if he is completely Americanized, I would say that he is more likely to act as a typical American guy would act in any given situation. If his ties with the Dominican Republic are stronger then depending on his personality and respect for women, he might feel that certain behaviors are acceptable because that's simply how he was raised.

    Good Luck!

  • Dominican Guys Are Players

  • There are players everywhere, and they all treat women badly.

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