Are Doritos bad for dogs?

I have 2 puppies and they both got into a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos this morning. They ate a lot of them before being caught by my husband. Any help would be great.

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  • they might have weird poo today, but i think they'll be just fine 😀

  • They really should not have Doritos, it’s not like your dog would benefit in any way from eating Doritos. If anything, a large amount of Doritos can cause serious health problems (e.g. dehydration, seizures, kidney failure) in dogs.

    It’s not just Doritos that are bad for dogs, though. Potato chips and other salty snack food is just as bad for your beloved pet, so remember not to share those with your dog either.

  • Just buy your dog doggie treats. But I guess giving him a few chips every once in a while wouldn't hurt but it's not healthy to eat everyday it's junk.

  • They'll be fine. Just keep an eye on them. Don't be surprised if they don't want to eat tonight. Try again in the morning.

  • doritos are fine for dogs, your dog will just be very gassy and will stink. they only thing fatal to dogs are chocolate and cнιcκen bones because it gets stuck in their throat, and i wanted to thank you so much for answer my question (the nuvaring one) no one answered it and i had it up for days and days. i appreciate it, i would have given you a best answer but it wouldn't let me

  • it all depends of the dog( a dog that leaves in the street will be fine, but if all their lives they have ate the same food and one day u give them some strange food, theyll get sick) , but they are puppies, so take them to the vet cause they can get sick because their stomachs are delicate. call ur vet! trust me

  • They might have a bit of an upset stomach, but for the most part, no they will be ok.

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