Are freshwater North American catfish eggs safe to eat?

Are they edible raw or do they have to be cooked?

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  • My grandfather taught me more about fishing than any living person I know. One of the first things he taught me was how good the eggs of catfish are to eat. He dipped them in beaten eggs, rolled them in cornmeal or cracker crumbs and fried them up in melted lard or bacon grease. Delicious!! I have eaten a lot of eggs from numerous freshwater fish and never found any that weren't safe to eat. Since there are some species of saltwater fish that are unsafe to eat, I would assume that would also include their eggs. I have never heard of ANY freshwater fish that were unsafe to eat.

    Source(s): Since posting this response, I have been advised by one reader that the eggs of the freshwater gar may be poisonous. I have yet had time to verify the truth of that, but will gladly admit to the possibility of it. Gar are rarely fished for and even more rarely caught by average fishermen, so the chance of anyone actually catching a pregnant female and then ingesting the eggs is extremely rare. However, if you ever do, consider this a worthwhile warning to proceed with caution before eating gar eggs. (My thanks to our reader who pointed this out to me. It is appreciated, sincerely.)
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    Are freshwater North American catfish eggs safe to eat?

    Are they edible raw or do they have to be cooked?

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  • Gah! NOOOOO! How in the hell can people say bass is good eating? There are fish that are so much better eating! Jeez! Leave the bass alone! Now that I got that off my chest, my list of BETTER eating fish... 1) crappie 2) bluegill 3) redear 4) tilapia 5) swai (iridescent shark) 6) channel catfish 7) walleye (so I've heard) 8) yellow perch (I've heard also) 9) rainbow trout. Hell, for that matter, I've heard that a couple species of cichlid, oscars and butterfly peac̫o̫ςκ bass mainly, are very good eating. But seriously, it's not that I'm against the killing of largemouth bass or anything like that, it's just that there REALLY ARE better eating fish.

  • l have cooked and eaten those. tasty. but be careful while cooking. the egg skeins will explode if cooked too fast. most any F/W fish eggs. don't know about foreign species though. and definitely not cabezon or barracuda eggs (both are salt water fish though).

  • Dan B. is right on. Good with cornmeal, fry slow.

  • garfish eggs are poison .

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