Are ox’s really that healthy?

7 Answers

  • I've never met any oxen to know if they are healthy.

  • As a rule oxen will out live a bull or cow and rank right up there with mules as beasts of burden.

    The expression that gets me is "healthy as a horse". If you even look a a horse cross eyed they'll just drop dead for no reason. I'm talking Thoroughbreds, a Quarter Horse is a pretty robust animal.

    I grew up with all these wretched beasts and am still surrounded by them.


  • depends on your criteria, then live longer but to do so they are castrated. I don't find that as healthy having a central part of ones body unusable.

  • Stallion are more healthy than bulls.

  • No, Aaron they aren t. Horses are much healthier.

  • I've never asked any, either.

  • yes

    yes they are

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