Are the Black Panthers racist? Do they hate white people?

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  • The Black Panthers have made it their chief dogma to be racist. They have, to a small degree, through fear and intimidation, erased the good will and understanding that M.L. King fought for. Although they may have legitimate beefs, they only arouse the hatred they abhor with their ‘in your face’ tactics.

  • Black Panthers Racist

  • The REAL Black Panthers weren’t racist. This was pointed it repeatedly in co founder’s Bobby Seale’s book “Seize The Time”. The so called “New Black Panthers” are not connected with the original group & it’s suspected they’re financially supported by white conservatives who use them to spread fear & hate among whites. This tactic galvanized whites to vote & act among racial lines, dividing America & playing the blarnd on president Obama. This goes what the original Black Panthers stood for but since The Black Panthers weren’t there taught about in schools, most people wouldn’t know the difference.

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    Are the Black Panthers racist? Do they hate white people?

  • Well for one the Black Panthers was not a racist organization. They stood for protection against racism and injustice. The question is not whether or not the Black Panthers are racist or not the real question is why was there a need to have a black panther organization only there will you find your answer

  • A former professor and member of the black panther party has claimed he wants the white exterminated. I’d call that racist.

  • Well depends on the individual who is a black panthers reason for joining. A) they join to better their own people (not racist) B) they join to express hate and blame white people for everything. Now the organization TODAY is for the enrichment of blacks.Not to rag on white people.That org. was formed when blacks were oppressed so any white hate then isn’t justified but understandable under such conditions.

  • First let me tell you this, not all black hate white people and not all black people are racist.

    most of them are not racist.

    and I don’t know about Black Panthers.

    So why worry?

    Just leave them alone.

  • initially the black panthers were created as a social group to help and assist black people living in the inner city, edgar hoover attacked it under his cointelpro initiative and persecuted many of its members turning it from a social service group into a quasi militant one. Ironically the KKK and Christian identity two of the most famous white supremacist groups (and often no strangers to the use of terrorism) never faced the same kind of persecution.

  • no they are not and they have been known to say on many occasions thatt they are not anti whte they are anti opression


    fuuuck mlk the party started in okland after a string of killings committed by the police whent un punished….they formed patrol groups to watch the police while they carried out their duties(which is legal) so as to always have a witness…after being beaten for doing so they chose to arm themselves(which was legal) and informed police that if they were attacked they would kill them cause they have the constitutional right to defend themselves which was true…that my friend is why the California has ht e strictest gun laws in the nation…. everything that the panthers did was in retaliation…and they accomplished a lot

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