Are there any reptile Veterinarians in Toronto?

MY baby red ear slider got the end of his tail biting off from my other baby red ear slider and he is not taking the light anymore i don't know if he is just scared or getting sick but i would like to take him the the vets to make sure he is okay please help?

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  • The Links Road Animal and Bird Clinic deals almost exclusively with exotics. They are near Yonge and the 401. High Park Animal clinic is out on Dundas West just past Keele and they also treat exotics routinely. If you are in the east end try Amherst Vet clinic at Markham and Eglinton, they are also experienced with exotics.

  • Reptile Vet Toronto

  • Here's a couple of sites that have Toronto reptile vet listings:

  • Any veterinarian will help your reptile, they don't usually make vet places for specific animals.

    And if they don't treat reptiles, they will most likely give you a location that will treat a reptile.

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