Are there any websites like Deviantart for kids?

Well, Deviantart looks cool but I don't think I can have an account since I'm only, like 11. So, do you know any more that will accept me?



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9 Answers

  • I agree with Turqouise. Deviantart is great and they don't care how old you are. Just set your date of birth to make you look older, it's fine.

    In fact, when I was in primary school (I was also 11 at the time) my art teacher got our whole class to make a Deviantart account. We just set our date of birth to like, 1975 or something so we were old enough to make an account lol. Because they really won't care 😛

  • Art Sharing Websites Like Deviantart

  • Deviantart is by far the best place to post art online in my opinion. The community is large and occupies a lot of different artists and different styles. I made an account when I was fourteen and I am now fifteen and from what I've seen I can say it is pretty safe. I haven't seen any online predators or anything like that. If she's worried about some of the content on Deviantart, there is a setting that can disable mature content from being displayed. I recommend sticking to Deviantart. I think it's pretty child-friendly. Flickr is my only other suggestion but it's mostly for serious, professional photography.

  • I find the answers telling this kid to sign up, using a fake birthdate, very irresponsible. We signed up my daughter (using my husbands email and birthdate- and even implemented parental controls) so she could share her artwork. Within months she was reading highly inappropriate fan fictions and pictures/art. She and all her friends at school are into the whole Anime movement, but trust me, it's not innocent. Also, you would think My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would be innocent enough, but so much of what's posted is sexual fan fiction and fan art. I'm not a hovering parent, but I do think there should be age-appropriate levels to sharing artwork. I feel like she has lost her innocence much too soon. Part of that is from school and friends influence, but had I known about Deviantart ahead of time, I would have said no way.

  • The reason you cannot create an account at 11 is because of a strict law called COPPA. Do not fake your age, because this could get you banned from the site, or give your parents possible jail time for not being responsible.

    There is some stuff on there that kids should not see, so try this website.

  • Im sorry, but I found this question looking up "deviant art for kids" because i wanted to find people talking about how it is childish and if there is anything FOR adults.

    I woke up checked my wall on DA and it was filled with furry art, firetrucks and my little pony cause i just follow back. So is this who DA is or are adults just so stuck up theyve lost sight of whats good and important?

  • Deviantart is a great place, just lie about your age (set it as 1980 or something). I can assure you that no one will notice and that no one will care even if they did find out.

  • Try is myu sugegstion. :3

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