Arrange the following in increasing boiling points: KNO3, CH3OH, C2H6, Ne?

i am really having a hard time. but i am sure that either KNO3 or CH3OH has the highest boiling point.

i don't know that should be prioritized, is it the intramolecular bonds or the Hbond.

also does an element like Ne, Fe, Kr and Cu have intermolecular bonds?

1 Answer

  • KNO3 is ionic K^+ NO3^- will have very high bp mp 334 °C bp = dec so poor question

    CH3OH: Hydrogen bonding (NH, OH cmpds) bp 65 °C

    C2H6: molecular nonpolar only weak London forces bp -89 °C

    Ne; noble gas (you're not trying to make this a metal are you?) extremely weak London forces:

    bp -246 °C

    (I looked Wikipedia up for bps.)

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