At church, what does this mean?

Like when someone says unspoken during prayer requests, does that mean they have a prayer they wouldn't like to mention out loud or does that mean that they don't have a prayer?

8 Answers

  • A prayer the asker wishes to keep between themselves and God.

  • Unspoken Prayer Request

  • the physical and institutional representation of faith and religion. as an institution, the church also means the significant hatred bigotry and pure prejudice that those who have led those churches in the past have advocated and the deaths and suffering this has caused. the newer church isnt half as bad, but still has an over all negative impact on society, since it restricts people's thinking and, in the worst case scenario, hones their prejudice. i realize that there are positive aspects to the church, but the negative ones outweigh them considerably.

  • When someone has an unspoken prayer request it means they have a prayer, but they don't want to say it out loud.

  • They have a prayer request but they don't want everyone to know it

  • Absolutely. There are some things that the world does not need to know about you or someone close to you.

  • lame answers.not biblical God will not need to pray and research unspoken prayer.

  • the former

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