At what age do the Naruto characters go to the Academy?

When did Naruto and co. join/started the ninja academy. I've always been confused about this so now...I want answers! 🙂

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  • probably at age 5 like normal school o.o i know that at 12 they are genin... not really when they start tho o.o

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  • I'm pretty sure entrance into the Ninja Academy starts as early as 4 to 5 years old as Kakashi was noted to have graduated after a year of study at age 5, became a chunin at age 6, and later a Jonin at age 12. So I figure its safe to say 4 - 5 is the Academy entrance age, at least in Konoha.

  • Most students enter the academy at about 8 years old. (Konohamaru just enrolled and he is 8.) Students can graduate at any age, but most spend 4 years in the academy and graduate at 12 years old (the rookie 9 are all 12). Or perhaps students can opt to take the graduation exam every year until they pass (Naruto took it 3 times). They might be advised when to take it and most don t until they feel confident of passing, which may be why geniuses like Sasuke or Neji graduate with their ᴘᴇᴇrs. Naruto, being over confident and never listening to advice, took it before he was ready. Another possibility is that there are multiple exams to graduate and he flunked two already, but in later episodes Naruto says he failed each time because bunshin was on the test. (Or this is just another unresolved discrepancy.) In the past, geniuses like Kakashi (graduated at 5 years old), Orochimaru (6 yrs), Jiraiya (6 yrs), and Itachi (7 yrs) graduated earlier. However, it is possible that pushing these phenomena at such a young age has left them with psychological problems that manifested as they grew older

  • At the start of the show, the usual age is 8, but Naruto had joined around 5 or 6, which is why he flunked twice, but graduated with his own age group. However, back in the Third Shinobi war times, there wasn t an age restriction/recommendation since Konoha needed to pump out ninja for forces, and that s why Itachi and Kakashi were young graduates: because they were prodigies who skipped grades quickly, and they started early. But, after the war was over, there wasn t any imperative need for shinobi and because of young ninja becoming unstable (like Itachi with his clan, and probably Kakashi with his grief over his dead comrades and teacher), the Sandaime put a minimum age.

  • I've always understood the ninja academy in Konoha to function like a traditional school in terms of age/class. As such, I would presume that most kids start the ninja academy at age 6 (the normal starting age for Japanese schoolchildren).

  • I would say 6 or 7 but I'm pretty sure that age doesn't have much to do it. I'm sure there must be an age minimum but I would say that raw skill has more to do with getting in and when. For example: Gaara wasn't put into school at the same time as his six year older sister Temari and three year older brother Kankuro and yet graduated at the same time because he was REALLY good at what he did and there was hardly a need for him to have to be there at all while it took them a few years to master everything, it only took him one. So I'm not too sure that age counts much for ANYTHING in the Naruto World.

    Source(s): Gaara and Naruto fan.
  • I was actually pretty curious about this myself so I went to Narutopedia. It doesn't say an actual age so I started to browse through the characters in hopes of finding something. In Kakashi's page, there's a very short part about him in the Academy. It's like two sentences, but it says that, at age five, he graduated in just one year. From what I understand that's around the age that everyone starts and they graduate at age nine unless they fail the graduation test, like Naruto and friends, who graduated at age twelve after failing three times.

    Source(s): Narutopedia and Naruto
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  • Would like to know more about this too

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