In Wonderland in Kingdom Hearts, how do you get the chest in the tea party garden?

I went to this help site, and all it said was that you have to go through the exit behind the clock in the normal Bizarre Room to get to the upper area of the Tea Party Garden. But what... Read more

Omlette du fromage?? what does it mean, not the actual meaning but the figurative?

thanks 🙂 lol okay, when someone calls you omlette du fromage, doesn't it mean anything... i remember it meant somthing but i forgot what 😛 11 Answers - 1) this is wrong. You should say "omelette au fromage" which means... Read more

“yonder sky has wept tears of compassion”is an example of?

a)alliteration b)personification c)consonance d)assonance 5 Answers i think it means the sky rained but the dude said it was tears of compasssion. personification, because it is giving a non-human object human characteristics. (the tears would be the human characteristic, and... Read more

List the four mental aspects of listening discussed in this section?

1 Answer It would have been wise to include the section. Read more

Arrange the following in increasing boiling points: KNO3, CH3OH, C2H6, Ne?

i am really having a hard time. but i am sure that either KNO3 or CH3OH has the highest boiling point. i don't know that should be prioritized, is it the intramolecular bonds or the Hbond. also does an element... Read more

What does sugoi ne [Japanese] mean???

What is the English translation?? My friend is from Japan and he said it when he hit my leg with his foot on accedent, and I answered "It's ok...." he was soo surprised and asked me how I knew what... Read more

A) How many AU are there in 1.00 light year? B) What is the speed of light in AU/h?

An astronomical unit (AU) is the average distance from the sun to earth, 1.50 x 10^8 km. 3 Answers A) 1 l-y = 63,239.8 au (Taken directly from the Observer's Handbook of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) B) first,... Read more

Was green Martin Luther King Jr.’s favorite color…?

...or blue or yellow or black or pink...or did he not have any favorite colors? 2 Answers try this... A few activities I do at my preschool are: Talk about who he was there is a book I read... Read more

¿Porque Se Llama 50 Sombras De Grey?

He Leído El Primer Libro De La Trilogía 😉 Y Según Dice Anastasia Que Cristian Grey '' Esta Jodido De 50 Mil Formas'' ?? Y También En Otra Parte Del Libro En El Que Cristian Le Dice A Ana ''... Read more

What does reference code S0900 with Comcast cable mean?

6 Answers Are you sure it's not "S0A00"? If it's S0A00, it should also be showing a "One Moment Please..." type message. This usually means that the signal between Comcast and your cable box has been disrupted. Sometimes, Tech Support... Read more

I refrigerated Nutella and I don’t know if its safe to eat?

I accidentally put Nutella in the fridge for a very long time, and it became very very hard. But the first thing I saw were white streaks on the nutella. Like white lines. I scrapped them away and when I... Read more

How and where did rap star Woodie die?

I am curious to what really happened to Antioch rap star Woodie. 8 Answers Woodie committed suicide last year in like Tacoma or Oregon, somewhere up north. It's true his wife had died from an illness, but I've heard he... Read more

Which of these markets come close to perfect competition?

(a.) Televisions (b.) Bottled water (c.) Pizza (d.) School buses (e.) White socks (f.) Baseballs (g.) Paper clips *Thank you for answering! 1 Answer a,b,c & g d is a monopoly, e is monopolistic competition ..i don't live in US... Read more

what does “bueno pues” mean in English?

My mom is a Spanish speaker (Spanish is her first language). I'm taking Spanish now, but she never taught me Spanish when I was younger. Whenever she's talking on the phone to her sisters or something, towards the end of... Read more

Horney or Horny?

Choose best spelling... 4 Answers HORNY definently ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ he he he Horny ᏂᏫᖇᏁᎩ perv Read more

Did James Brown sing Play that Funky Music White Boy?

I know it's a Wild Cherry song, but I thought he sang it too. I've been searching, but I've found no evidence. Where did I get this idea from? 7 Answers No Source(s): White Boy James Source(s): This... Read more

where can I find broadcast corn beef hash?

tried shop rite a&p stop & shop pathmark no one carries it did they go out of business 6 Answers They did go out of business.. I used to get it from Broadcast Corned Beef Hash Source(s): I... Read more


9 Answers Lochness monster Lanin Josef For the best answers, search on this site Hello Mickey, It can be worrying when you hear about stuff like this. I would doubt that what the program you saw have predicted something... Read more

bible verse quoted in “Dogma”?

In the movie from the 1990's-"Dogma" they quote a bible verse that went something like whatever you believe on earth, i will hold true in heaven. something like that. i remember hearing peter but i don't know if jesus was... Read more

I’m looking for a song with the lyrics “you’re breaking my heart”?

It has something of a stomping beat, kinda folk rock, and I think the name of the girl they're talking about is Ophelia. 2 Answers Cecilia is the name, not Ophelia. It's by Simon & Garfunkel. The song's name is... Read more

what are some unique ways to spell harmony?

my older sister is having a baby and she has decided on the name harmony but she wants a uniqie spelling. any suggesttions or some middle names to go along ? ok like really can people keep the negative comments... Read more

Elijo? o eligo?

Como se deletrea? 12 Answers Elijo se escribe ELIJO, chau con J !!!!! Elijo: e-li-jo elijo. besitos 🙂 prueba con un diccionario antes. e-li-jo elijo se deletrea E L I J O.ok. hola!!esa palabra se ecribe ELIJO!! del verbo elegir!!... Read more

Can i buy WKD blue in USA ?

3 Answers No, it's only for chavs. Why would you WANT to? Even Americans have better taste. buy sell e-bay why not? you can get bacardi red and black though Read more

How does work ?

I keep seeing TV commercials left & right about this...and how it could find out the names of people who have been searching for you on the Internet. Instead of asking the same type of immature questions i've been seeing... Read more

Why won’t camlock screws stay tight? Is this normal? Are they just supposed to LOCK? Surely they could unlock too easily?

Why won't camlock screws stay tight? I know they have locked to start with , but surely they could risk UNlocking if they don't stay tight? Or are you not supposed to tighten them as you would a screw?. I... Read more