Is it correct to say “at your most convenient time”?

4 Answers are you really meaning to say, "at your earliest convenience", that would be the conventional way to ask Convenient Time Source(s): try: "at your earliest convenience" "at your earliest convenience" would be grammatically more elegant. Read more

Poll: do girls like dimples on a guy?

By dimples I mean cheek and chin dimples of course. 14 Answers YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! OMG SO cute! i imagine of dimples are very eye-catching. a guy that smiles shows that he has a superb humor and is functional. i love those... Read more

What is that nursery rhyme Andrew Dice Clay says? Mary Mary something?

Its goes Mary Mart quite contrary something something... ... .. .. Ohh. 6 Answers See for yourself. Source(s): Andrew Dice Clay Wiki Source(s): Mary,Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? With silver bells, and buckle shells and... Read more

do tomatoes may your ѵɑɠıռɑ smell?

i know this sounds crazy are your wondering why i asked i absolutely believe they dont make nothing smell, but this girl from work insists that they do so she gave them up completely, i think theyre important to keep... Read more

Is my dad’s cousin my cousin or my aunt?

My sister and I disagree on whether our dad's cousin is our aunt or our cousin. My sister says that she's our cousin while I say that she's our aunt. So tell me, who's right? 24 Answers You are both... Read more

what is good about proselyte and initiate armour in runescape?

i just bought it and it looks ꜱᴜcκy 3 Answers It gives you a prayer bonus, so that when you turn on prayer, it ticks down slower. It is good for pures to, because you need a low defence level.... Read more

“The Current Profile Is Not Allowed To Play On Xbox Live”?

this is what it says when i try to go to the lobby to play call of duty 4 on xbox live i can sign into my xbox live account but cant play . it just says this. does this... Read more

How did Michael Jackson became white?

He was black but turned into a white person. WHY? HOW? 15 Answers He says he has vitiligo, which is a condition that destroys the cells in our body that make pigment, and thereby removing color from the skin. I... Read more

how to say “come”, and “come at me” in japanese?

how do you say come in japanes? how do you say "come at me"? here's a clip from the movie "shinobi, heart under blade" at 2:42 he says "come at me" and at 3:21 he says "come". here's another... Read more

What is the word for “third year” in japanese?~?

5 Answers 三年目 san nen me - the third year in general 三年生 san nen sei - the third year in a cursus Third year class is "san nen sei." University is "Dai gaku" I would probably say, "Dai gaku no... Read more

What does SWF, FYI , SBM and SJF mean in craigslist?

I Have no clue what these abbrev.s mean on craigs list can anybody help. 6 Answers single white female for your information single black male single jewish female Swf Meaning Source(s): This Site Might Help You. RE: What does... Read more

Do you know this song???

In the movie Monsters Inc. Mike sings a song: You and me, me and you, both of us together... I'm not sure if it's really a song or not but do you know the name of teh song and the... Read more

What is a ephemeral style?

5 Answers Everyday living for a person. Ephemeral Style is the a short lasting thing, such as a song by a one hit wonder. Everyone likes it, then nobody does. Source(s): Apple Dictionary Application and listening to the Gorillaz a... Read more

sulfur is present in practically all?

vitamins proteins fatty acids carbohydrates 2 Answers proteins proteins 🙂 Source(s): Read more

Is it illegal to drive in a car without airbags?

I am planning on purchasing a car that has a racing steering wheel without airbag in it. Is it illegal to drive in a car without airbags? and is it safer to be in a car with 5 point harness... Read more

please show me how to solve (3x-2y)squared?

solve..expand whatever can someone please just show me how to get to the final product and why you did what you did to get to the final product...i don't understand where the -12xy is coming from becasue i got (9x)sq... Read more

What is the meaning of the word, “problemic”?

Many years ago in deep meditation I asked, "What is the nature of this Universe?" The answer came, "This is the Problemic Phenominalogical Universe." I had never heard the word "problemic". Clarification came that in this Universe, problems arise one... Read more

I really like the video been kept by Korea against italy..........just click on the link its eally lovable 6 Answers I like it hi To Yahoo Customer Servise representative, I have been with yahoo for a long time, and... Read more


I BEEN ON A PAYMENT PLAN FOR MY TICKETS BUT I WANT TO JOIN THE MILITARY 9 Answers Pay them off, make the transaction easier on yourself. If you get waivers for them, you might not get the job you... Read more

What is the meaning of the phrase “Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen” ? Thank you.?

I believe it's rather a phrase. Maybe the context will help : "You asked me for a glass of water and I said I'm not a waiter. And you said sorry. And I said, listen, why don't we quit the... Read more

Substitute for “Butter Extract”?

I'm baking a "Burnt Leather Cake", and I don't have "butter extract" neither can I find it in stores! It calls for 1 teaspoon of butter extract, if I were to substitute it with real butter, HOW MUCH real butter... Read more

power is expressed in ____?

a.) volts b.) amperes c.) watts d.) ohms 5 Answers Watts watts Watt The watt is used to specify the rate at which electrical energy is dissipated, or the rate at which electromagnetic energy is radiated, absorbed, or dissipated. The... Read more

How much is 2,000,000,000 seconds?

Ok, I just want to know. I am the kind of person who can pop up with weird questions at weird times. Please answer. 18 Answers 63 years 4 months, 2 weeks, 0 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes and 44.58... Read more

In maths what does an ‘exact value’ mean? (Higher Maths)?

I know what it means in trig, but when applied in general? For example, I was doing a question and the question asked me to answer with an 'exact value'. The answer I got was 5/0.7. When I checked the... Read more

Which of the following conditions characterizes atmosphere III?

Which of the following conditions characterizes atmosphere III? A) hydrogen- and helium-rich B) water vapor- and carbon dioxide-rich C) nitrogen- and oxygen-rich D) nitrogen-rich and oxygen-poor Thanks. I have been stuck on this question for an hour and a half... Read more