Auto Racing/NASCAR dog names?

Auto Racing/NASCAR dog names?

My fiance and I are gettin a pup in a few weeks and having a hard time coming up with names to choose from. We both work on a race team in nascar and kind of want something racing related or auto related. any ideas?

So far we have Piston (as in engine), Cam (like camshaft), Marlowe (person who built our chassis), Penske and Chevy, but other ppl have these names for their dogs and of course my fiance doesnt want the same name someone else has! ha ha!

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  • How about Turbo or Wedge? Maybe Bristol, Sonoma or Dega? Good luck to you!

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    Auto Racing/NASCAR dog names?

    Auto Racing/NASCAR dog names?

    My fiance and I are gettin a pup in a few weeks and having a hard time coming up with names to choose from. We both work on a race team in nascar and kind of want something racing related or auto related. any ideas?

    So far we have Piston (as in engine), Cam (like...

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  • I raise Maine Coon cats, so I have lots of names for my cats.

    My cattery name is Nascat, so here are the names that I've used that could be used for dogs too.

    Winston Cup

    DirTrack Demon (ol' Jim Croce song, Rapid Racing Roy that DirTrack Demon),


    Wide Track


    Firecracker 400



    Magic Mile




    Rusty Wallace (if you have a red dog)

    Modified Madness

    Victory Lane

    Gamble, for Gamble on a Caution


    Waving the Checkers, for a black and white

    Gordon and the list goes on and on.

    A little more difficult for females

    Love to hear more suggestions.

  • Hey I know. Sprint !!! Ya maybe not you will just have to change it in a couple of years...

    SMOKE!!!! LOL that would be a tribute...

    Or Jimmy, Jeff, Kasey, uh Kurt, Kyle but not Petty. Uh how about show me your ...... No better not that would sound funny calling it in for dinner.

    Pick a track. Kansas, it's a nice place, Daytona, busy busy busy.

    Hey if you are on a team and NASCAR next time in Kansas look up the Sargent on the A/B side...

    Hey how about Jack for roush and get it a hat LOL.

    Sunoco, I"m stretchin; here. pit, tireman, I bet at times you could call it gasman, I GOT IT COT ya know for car of tomorrow. France, Sonoma sounds good. or for fun a nickname juanpablomontoya, you have to say it fast though, rainout, flag, checkers(probably taken) you could call it lap. then to lay down you say lap down. or HA LOL Lucky dog. or LD then people say why LD LUCKY DOG. OK i'll say it name it Jeff Gordon... Sorry...

  • Audi




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