Balancing Chemical Equations: Al4C3 + H2O → Al(OH)3 + CH4?

How would I balance this chemical equation?

Al4C3 + H2O → Al(OH)3 + CH4


3 Answers

  • From Al4 and C3 can say how many Al(OH)3 and CH4 formed

    Al4C3 + H2O → 4Al(OH)3 + 3CH4

    Now work out H from right hand side 12 + 12 H = 24H so 12H2O needed

    Al4C3 + 12H2O → 4Al(OH)3 + CH4

    Source(s): retired chem examiner
  • You want each element to be equal on each side of the arrow. Starting with the largest species - you have 4 Al on the left so balance the Aluminum on the right first, then the carbon, then use H2O on the left side to balance the Oxygens and Hydrogens.

  • CH? + 2H?O ? CO? + 4H? (^^he don't have adequate H's! ^^) -you relatively could study the thank you to do this however, it fairly is basically a rely of fooling around with the numbers. initiate with the least difficulty-loose components first and then artwork on the oxygen, then hydrogen final.,

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