Barrel racing sponsors?

I stopped playing high school sports and started barrel racing.

I found out that i had bought one heck of a horse.

So for the 2015 season im looking at sponsors sence im getting bigger in the rodeo world.

I ride mostly professional choice

Some showman tack

Ariet boots

stuff like that.

Is their requirements like how many rodeos a year?

Or how much money you earn a year from rodeo?

I know you have to advertise their brand and they send you their products.

Would it be a good idea to get some sponsors or would i get screwed in the end?

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  • Fist, forget about sponsors like Ariat, Prof Choice etc. EVERYONE goes to them for sponsorships.

    Instead, start with your local Chamber of Commerce and get a list of local businesses that are community involved. (You'll probably want to skip the feed stores too. Go ahead and ask I guess, but everyone asks their feed stores.)

    Next you write out a letter explaining the costs of racing, your achievements all ready, your upcoming year and goals. Describe the crowds at the rodeos. What demographic are they? (Probably Caucasian adults and young adults, maybe 100 views each time) Also write out some benefits for the business. Be specific "I will proudly display your logo on my shirt, at 10 races, giving your logo visibilitly as many as 10,000 times over the year. I will also display your logo on my horsetrailer for the entire year, covering all the highway miles in this rodeo circuit from City X to City X"

    You have to sell it!!

    Then, go get your sponsors.

    I don't know about your race fees, but when I get horseshow sponsors I write up a bunch of different levels:

    1 Local Class: $25

    1 Local Show Day $200

    1 Away Show Class: $75

    1 Away Show Day: $600

    Fuel Sponsor: $100 per event, to be collected before each event etc.

    Then I go to a bunch of businesses I deal with regularly (I once got a sponsorship from a Native American Tobacco Shop, for like $2,500, and I was also secretly sponsored at show by my salon, even though I wasn't supposed to know it was them)

    So, talk about sponsorships everywhere you go.

    Where I used to live, the manager at Walmart always sponsored a horse girl every year.

    Those types of businesses always have a general expense account for stuff like that, that managers can use at their own discretion, so don't think they are harder to get than a little business, where $50 might be the difference between making payroll or not. ASK THE BIG RETAILER MANAGERS.

    Oh, and don't forget to make some kind of award plaque, thank you letter or something like that. If they have something to put on their wall they will be more likely to do it again next year. PS TROPHY COMPANIES AND EMBROIDERY COMPANIES can be sponsors too!

  • you show or compete, a sponsor notices you and you get sponsored. There aren't any requirements for a sponsor -_- .now for the sponsors to notice you, you will have to be lucky or ride many competition (high ones) and do well so that the sponsor will notice you and not all the other competitors

    I know that famous equestrians who get sponsors by just asking but I doubt that you ride that high especially because you're asking yahoo.

    I also don't see how you would get screwed. Sponsors want to get their names out there so they give you materials for you or the horse which you're supposed to represent. if you don't like it you dont advertise it. that's it

  • not my fault

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