Ben-Wa balls so many to choose from??

I just ordered some Ben-Wa balls for obvious reasons but the more I look are the adult stores the more I find is there really a difference besides texture and size and what are the best for kegel exercises.

please adult answers only.

lol horn dog no I was told that there great for kegel exercises and I thought I would give them a try but looking now there’s soooo many different kinds

3 Answers

  • I have heard that most women do not do Kegel exercises correctly. You should lie on your back and contract the muscles at the top to tilt the opening upwards. There are even special "barbell" rods you can insert to watch the angle. (Sorry - dont have a link to these).

    BenWa balls help because you insert them, then walk around trying to keep things contracted so they dont slip out. I have also been told they are fun to insert while you self-pleasure yourself as they knock around inside. I dont think the size really matters (although smaller would be harder to keep inside). What matters is you trying to keep the muscles contracted. I would suggest you start like any exercise program - 10 minutes max at first around the house. Dont forget to wash them before and after.

  • Just get the size you want - you will not gona feel them that much anyway. I dont see a point of getting very small ones.

    I dont know about texture - i dont think you feel that at all.

  • I didn't know Ben-Wa balls had a medical purpose. What are you trying to remedy exactly? The obvious reason someone buys something at an adult store is usually NOT to remedy an actual condition. Unless horndog is a new disease?

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