Besides Ebay and Trade-a-Plane, where can I list my airplane for sale?

I'm looking for national exposue, similar to Ebay or the Trade a Plane magazine.

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    That's where I bought my Sonerai.

    It's free to list, but you must promise to send a donation if your airplane sells. The price list for an upgraded ad is below:

    FREE = up to 100 characters of text and spaces, no pictures.

    $ 5.00 = up to 300 characters of text and spaces, 5 pictures, 1 inventory and/or 1 specs page.

    $10.00 per ad = highlighted ad.

    $10.00 per ad = link to your web page.

    $20.00 per ad = Featured Ad (displays your ad headline at the top of each category that you selected for your classified ad to display in, with a link to your full ad.)

    $50.00 per ad = Featured Ad (displays your ad headline at the top of the "Most Recent Ads (All Categories)" page, with a link to your full ad.)

  • i replaced into at artwork in Teterboro,NJ, which happens to have an spectacular view of the massive apple skyline. I observed the smoke from the 1st airplane after which I became on the radio and replaced into listening to all the different insanity occurring that day. Any way, the 2d airplane hit and that i desperate to circulate away and get my daughter from college. I keep in mind feeling rather scared and in basic terms desirous to get homestead good away. ultimately, as i replaced into leaving the parking storage I heard a noise from above me, it replaced into 2 fighter jets heading in direction of massive apple. (i will in no way 4get that) It replaced into like i replaced into in a action picture. And the different element replaced into seeing indicators for the George Washington bridge asserting "long island IS CLOSED". I nevertheless can not watch any memorials etc. approximately that day.

  • Aerotrader.

  • Craigslist is a good place to list or buy almost anything

  • is one of the best...

    otherwise is good too. What kind of aircraft?

  • join LOOP magazine and u can speak to:

    [email protected]

  • is a good site also has a hard copy mag..




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