Birth Control/Brown Pill Question?

What are the brown pills in Birth Control for? I understand it’s to know when you’ll get your period because you should start on the brown pill, but what if you don’t? What if you never do, is that bad? Or is it normal to start your period before the brown pills as well? Idk, the whole brown pill thing confuses me.

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  • All pills are different so I’m not 100% sure what you mean by the brown pill. I’m guessing you have 7 of them, in which case these are for your break. They don’t do anything. They’re placebo so make sure you keep taking your pills for the correct amount of time without forgetting any.

    While taking the brown pills your body adjusts to the sudden drop in hormone levels and causes you to have your period.

    You can skip the brown pills and usually this would cause you to miss your period. You can do it for a couple of months in a row but for your health you should try not to do it more than that. Sometimes skipping your break can still cause you to bleed. It depends on your hormones naturally as everyone is different. The more months you skip, the more likely you are to bleed anyway and could cause painful periods.

    You shouldn’t bleed before you break. It can be a sign you’ve missed a pill or if the bleeding is light it can be a sign of pregnancy. Sometimes it is nothing at all and is just one of those unexplained things.

  • Birth Control Brown Pills

  • Brown Pills In Birth Control


    go see your doctor!!

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